Sobek Games is Independent Game Development studio focused around making high-quality games with innovative ideas that push the boundaries of narrative within video games. We are currently producing Decamped, a Puzzle Adventure game. It is targeted for a PC release that is focused on player exploration and a heavy narrative that aims to be relatable to every player.

DECAMPED focuses on a young man waking up in an abandoned world. There is no one to be seen and buildings are being overrun with foliage. It then becomes the young man’s mission to figure out what happened to him, his world, and the people that inhabited it. Luckily enough, a mysterious figure presents itself to the player just out of his reach. As the player begins to chase after the figure, the journey will present puzzles that challenge the player and deliver narrative about what may have happened. The narrative focuses on mental trauma, and how the character copes with a traumatic event in their life. Puzzles will be exploration based, having the player find items or triggers that may help them proceed with the use of environmental problem-solving. The environment progresses with the story as things start to change when the character begins to gather more information.

We believe our  idea could have a positive social impact through its message and delivery of its narrative. We believe that a narrative surrounding trauma and loneliness is relatable to everyone at some level. Raising awareness of these topics and making a positive message about it can impact how players may view the topic. Our hope is that players will finish the game with a better understanding of how they can cope with trauma or loneliness, or how they can help others dealing with similar experiences. The game is presented in a first-person format, with the player taking full control of the character in the environment as long as the space permits. The player will be able to interact with small/large objects in the environment. This could be anything that adds flavour to the game, relates with the narrative, or used for puzzles. Objects that can be used for puzzles can be picked up and used in conjunction with other objects. The game features different puzzles that the player must complete to move forward in the environment. The puzzles may include finding an object in the environment that can be combined with another for a tool or using an item for other than its intended purpose as a means for finding a solution.